Not just Luts or plugins 
Color correction is the process that takes place in post-production and is used to make a video coherent from the point of view of luminance and chrominance.
Color grading, however, is  an artistic treatment that is used to emphasize moods or emotions with the use of color.
I've been doing this for over 10 years after been trained by professional colorists. I use BlackMagic DaVinci Resolve and 10-bit calibrated monitors.


I started working in post production 20 years ago, first as an educator and then as a pro. 
During these years I learned the main 3D and compositing software to get the work done. My reference in terms of quality and software had always been the big budget produtions.
NukeX, Fusion, Syntheyes, DaVinci Resolve, Adobe Production Suite, Houdini are only the main softwares I use. 



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Street photo

Art for art's sake

A visual artist eye must be steadily trained in terms of composition.
This is what I use photography for. Not for work, just to train me seeing the world in a different way.
Black and white is the essence of image and street photography is a great way to tell a story.